Where does the word mixology come from?

Mixologist (b. Formation of jocular jargon from a mixture) (v. The full term of the first reference is mixologist of typical fixations. The definition of mixology is a bit controversial, but it's generally accepted as a refined and in-depth study of the art and making of mixed drinks or cocktails.

Basically, mixology is the study of the chemistry of beverages and what they contain. Therefore, a mixologist is a professional who studies and practices mixology. The concept of a mixologist has been around for a long time, but it's becoming more and more popular over time. Soon there was a rejection of the claim, which tipped the cocktail balance to the other extreme and took away the affection in favor of the historical motives that DeGroff had discovered in the 80s.

Some mixologists will work for bars or restaurant groups, while others have their own bars. If some waiters today believe it's important to unite in a drunken version of The Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword and call themselves mixologists instead of waiters, they are continuing a long legacy. It was a great drink, the kind that could be attributed to the curious wonders of “mixology”, with just a hint of irony. In the 1980s, when DeGroff was running the Rainbow Room in New York, he resurrected the “mixologist” because, as he said in a recent interview, he wanted publicity in the press.

While it's essential that mixologists pay attention to current trends in cocktail making, it's also important that they appreciate the history and evolution of cocktails. Addressing the surprised occupant, the first man explained that he had come from the bar on the ground floor and that the mixologist of staff members on the ground floor had directed him to the room. The term “mixologist” has always been pretentious, but degrees can vary over time and, as Mencken noted in writings from nearly three-quarters of a century ago, a pretentious title has not been a decisive factor for many other professions. Merriam-Webster mentions that mixology dates back to 1872, where it was defined as the art or skill of preparing mixed beverages.

To proclaim oneself a mixologist is to erect a monument to one's seriousness, and yet the word itself was a ridiculous invention in a humor column from 1856.When people roll their eyes at “mixologist”, their minds probably look something like Essence, the molecular mixology bar from an episode of Parks and Recreation, in which Bud Lights are consumed in the form of cotton candy and a shot of Scotch whiskey is applied as a topical hand cream. Since the advent of the word, the evolution of the mixologist has depended on the balance between amazement and repulsion inspired by the label. Cocktail guides printed in the 1890s often refer to waiters as mixologists, and the term often appears in newspaper archives from that time. Some believe that the waiter emphasizes having someone take care of the guests at his bar, while the mixologist is more sterile and only emphasizes creating the drink itself (and perhaps a show).

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