Are there any risks associated with mixology drinks?

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause liver damage, heart disease, cancer, and other health problems. In addition, many cocktails contain high amounts of sugar, which can contribute to obesity and other chronic health conditions. We recommend that you make sure that your customer knows the risks of this drink, even though they are part of the thrill of this cocktail. Also, be sure to use the longest straw a customer can drink in, keeping their face away from the burning glass.

The weight of the evidence reveals that consuming alcohol mixed with energy drinks is riskier than consuming alcohol alone and constitutes a public health problem. Marczinski and Fillmore1 cite several studies that have shown that alcohol consumption has increased, the negative consequences more frequent, such as driving or driving while intoxicated, or risky sexual relations, for consumers of alcohol mixed with energy drinks compared to consumers who only consume alcohol. In fact, consumers of alcoholic beverages mixed with energy drinks differ in aspects of personality, including male identity.22 the level of risky behavior and alcohol consumption, per se. This review summarizes what is known about the extent of the consumption of alcohol mixed with energy drinks, the risks associated with such blends, and objective laboratory data that examine how the effects of their consumption differ from those of consuming alcohol alone.

If you like to prepare dramatic drinks and imagine being a budding Tom Cruise in Cocktail or a drink-based Salt Bae, you'll like the next risky festival. The consumption of these mixed beverages is common, especially among young and underage drinkers, and compared to alcohol alone, their consumption is associated with high rates of excessive alcohol consumption, drunk driving, risky sexual behavior and risk of alcohol dependence.

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