Are there any special techniques for muddling cocktails and mixed drinks?

Crushing is a common technique used at the bar. You might know it for popular beverages like mojito, mint julep, Old Fashioned and Caipirinha, but there are more fabulous recipes that require a little mashing with the masher. No blended gin cocktail is exactly popular, known, and loved around the world, but there are a few drinks that I think you should try. From popular rum cocktails to freshly prepared vodka recipes from the market, there's sure to be a drink in this collection for every taste.

Vodka may not be the first liqueur you think of when it comes to blending, but it's used in a lot of modern recipes. Whiskey also appears in many mixed cocktails and you'll need a mixer to prepare some of the best whiskey drinks ever created. While blending isn't a new technique, it fell out of favor for several years because it was often thought to be too much work to make a drink. It's the perfect way to release fruit juices and herbal essences and is used to create some of the freshest cocktails that can be prepared.

This is because cocktails tend to have a tropical touch and include fresh fruits that need to be broken down.

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