What are the common bartending mistakes?

Shake instead of shaking and vice versa. The most common rookie mistake according to Innocent? Poorly pick up ice in the bar. Collecting ice directly with a shaker or serving glass is not only unhygienic, since the hands enter the same container where objects are stored that will later be used in the guests' drinks, but there is also the risk of the glass breaking while submerged in the ice. Every waiter should ensure that they only serve people who are of legal drinking age and that they can interrupt customers who have drunk too much.

Deep inside a Saturday night shift, the novice waiter will inevitably feel the desire to use that pint glass to scoop out ice, rather than the ice scoop itself. The waiters may know this better than anyone else; it's just as important to be able to tactfully defend yourself from someone who has had too many drinks as it is to know how to properly assemble a balanced classic. If you're new to the profession and want to avoid those rookie mistakes, Innocent advises waiters to set aside their pride. Using a glass to get ice out of the ice pit is one of the most common mistakes that anyone new to the bar makes, and you would think that people would put two and two together and realize: “Oh, wait, I could break this glass and then the ice would have shards of glass that would be harder to find than a sober person at a sorority party, but you would be wrong to think that.

The novice waiter doesn't anticipate these needs before the busiest part of his shift, doesn't return the items where he found them and, ultimately, is a victim of the chaos that ensues. Shake Manhattans There are a lot of things that waiters do wrong every shift, but one of the main things I've noticed is shaking Manhattan. Many bartenders prepare dozens in one night, but an overly safe approach to the cocktail can cause it to become unbalanced and even cause the consumer not to enjoy it. That's why Marcio Ramos, head waiter at The Honeywell, places a lot of emphasis on double standards.

Lose your cool. The mistakes I see waiters making range from misusing a jigger to making inappropriate comments in front of guests. Suppose that customers are experts Many waiters have focused too much on using modern techniques to produce esoteric ingredients that will blow the consumer away with their almost surreal level of delicacy. Take work too seriously Nowadays, waiters are too busy trying to prepare the perfect drink and cocktails and are losing connection with the people at their bar.

However, beyond simply being a visual medium, bartending is undoubtedly a scientific profession, and several waiters new to the game can be seriously wrong. In addition to this understatement, there are some fairly obvious mistakes that novice waiters make when they get behind the bar during their first shifts.

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