What are the techniques used in mixology?

This method involves using a shaker to mix the ingredients well with ice. If you combine fruits or other solid foods with your drinks, then the mixing method for making cocktails is a good option. Construction is the most used and basic technique in mixology. It consists of stacking the ingredients on ice, stirring and serving.

Shaking When a drink contains eggs, fruit juices or cream, it is necessary to shake the ingredients. Shaking is the method by which a shaker is used to mix the ingredients and cool them simultaneously. The goal is to almost freeze the drink while the ingredients are broken down and combined. This is usually done with ice cubes filled to three-quarters of their capacity.

When you have poured the ingredients, hold the shaker with both hands, with one hand on the top and the other on the base, and shake briefly, hard and abruptly. It is important not to drink the cocktail to sleep. When the water has started to condense on the surface of the shaker, the cocktail should be cold enough and ready to be brewed. The technique is simple and, depending on the taste, should be ready to drink in a week or two, if not sooner.

Rolling is the technique used to combine the flavors of rich ingredients such as those added to a Bloody Mary. Straining is a technique used to retain ice and pulp when preparing a drink, using one of several strainers. When you're ready to go a little deeper and mix drinks like a true pro, add these blending techniques to your skill set. This cocktail shaking technique is used when ingredients such as cream, eggs, fruit juices, sugar syrup, etc.

are used in the recipe.

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