What is mixology?

Noun the ability to mix cocktails and other beverages. Bar operators benefit from modern cocktail bars and higher-priced cocktails. In its most basic form, mixology is another term for mixing drinks or working as a waiter, and mixologist is another title for a waiter or bar chef. However, mixology is generally accepted as a profound approach to the art and craft of mixing beverages.

Think of it as studying the chemistry of beverages and of the mixologist as the professional who practices it. We define the art of mixology as the study or ability to invent, prepare and serve mixed drinks or cocktails. All mixologists are waiters, but not all waiters are mixologists. In our view, a mixologist is someone who has a passion for the art of making beverages and therefore strives to learn not only how each individual cocktail, or non-alcoholic cocktail, is made, but also why it is made that way, adorned with this particular product and mixed using this technique instead of another.

A mixologist will be no stranger to the wide range of cocktail accessories needed to practice their profession. A mixologist is a waiter who specializes in the art of mixing cocktails. It's also one of the many waiter terms you need to know.

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