Who is the father of mixology?

Although the cocktail may be simple to create, the importance of the drink for American culture cannot be underestimated, which is why it was recognized very early on by a certain Jerry Thomas, who is considered the father of American mixology. Johnson himself was a bitter rival to the waiter and best-known author of this collection, Professor Jerry Thomas, who is still recognized today as the father of American cocktail making and the creator of the famous flaming drink, the Blue Blazer. Because of his pioneering work in popularizing cocktails in the United States as well, he is considered the father of American mixology. It has become an essential text for cocktail lovers and waiters who work, but it is probably better to receive it as a biography that breaks myths and a tribute to the father of modern cocktail making, Professor Thomas.

Wondrich rightly observes that Thomas, by departing from the code of the fraternity of waiters and sharing his secrets, earned his place as “the father of mixology, of the rational study of mixed beverages.”.

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